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09 April 2009 @ 10:45 am

This is KitKat keeps staring at me. I know I shouldn't eat it, but it keeps starring me in the eye. I can't afford to eat anymore Junk. Considering that's all I eat. I would change my eating habits but I just crave the junk.

I'm really not in the mood to be at work right now. Yesterday was my day off, and I just want more of it. I'm sick of waking up and having to come here. If my darn fucking car wouldn't make me so broke, I'd be perfectly fine taking another day off. But yea. Stupid. This haven't been in such a grand mood at the household either. With Michael having to pay a shit ton for taxes... and blah blah blah. I'm not really in the mood to get indepth with it because we fought about it all night last night. He just shuts off when he hears something he doesn't want to, and than that drives me up the wall. Great combo! Just lovely. I wish he wouldn't do that, so maybe something would come out of us fighting but it doesn't.

I'm just waiting for Saturday to come. I just keep thinking that I have to work 9 hours today and tomorrow than 4 hours Saturday. Shouldn't seem like alot but it does to me. Saturday we're celebrating Michael's moms birthday and Easter. So, that should be fun. Hopefully. I'm sure it will be because CP will be there and thats all I need. Plus, I know a hundo is coming from his Aunt for my birthday. So, that'll cheer me up. Right after work thou, I'm heading over to get another tat. Just real simple, I'll post pics : ) I'm super excited. Than on Sunday, Michael & I are having my family over for Easter. Not my idea... but I'm happy to host : ) My best, Crissy and her brother are coming over too because their dad is in the hospital and I don't want them going to some stupid resturant for dinner. Plus, I think my mom loves her mom than me. ha. I got some texts from crissy at like 6am about her dad not doing ok, and I started panicing because her mom died when we were seniors in high school. I just fear that something will happen to her dad.... and I don't even know where they would start. But he's doing better, thank goodness. But you never know... and I'm not even quite sure what is wrong with him. Poor guy!

Thursday was Michael's 26th birthday.  I can't believe he's that old. Makes me kind of sad. I don't why... I guess I just have a problem with me and others ageing. Somethings wrong with me. haha. But it was nice, I got the business man what he wanted.... a silly bluetooth. I think their so stupid, but he wanted it. His wish is my command, I suppose. I had to work, and I asked him if he wanted me to take the day off but he said no... so I couldn't really spend the day with him. But we went out to dinner with his parents to Kruse and Meir. Freakin' delicious. I had the yummiest artichoke and shrimp pasta. Never in my life have I even ate a whole bowl of pasta until that night. I'm craving it. I want to go back so badly, but it's on the weeeee exspensive side. I'll start saving my pennies.

The Birthday Boy & I
This past weekend was a ton of fun. The college men's basketball final four and championship was in Detroit this weekend. So, there was a ton of free stuff todo, and free concerts. Plus, a ton of my friends went to Michigan State and they were in the final four and in the championship. So, gave me a reason to party. It was so much fun. About 20 of us headed down there. Just got real trashed and had a ball!
Crissy, Me, & Vic

Me and My Man!

Most of the gang <3
Besides that nothing has been going on. We got like 6" of snow the other day. I was so mad. I'm so sick of snow and cold weather. I need spring. If I see another snowflake I'm going straight into depression. No lie. Just been working, drinking, and hanging out. I'm just looking forward to the weekend and for Michael to stop being down in the dumps. Geez Louise. Oh, and my stupid insurance company is trying to rape me. Their telling me that I need to fax over proof of prior insurance which I did, but their saying they never recieved it so my new premium is going to be 700 a month. Than I faxed over a new one but it's to dark so I have to do it again. Ah, talk about the run around. And $1.75 per page. That's pissing your money away if you're asking me.

Oh that lovely note... later dates!
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31 March 2009 @ 10:34 am


...It's been awhile and that's because I've been crazy busy since the last time I posted. Let's recap from the past 2 weeks! And we'll start with the 20th. How about that... CP and I went to the Adele concert. She was amazing. The most beautiful voice, and she said the cutest things in between songs, that it just made me want to be her best friend. It was the perfect girls night. I drove to Novi and dropped off Michael with his brother, Matt to watch March Madness, oh those boys and their sports addiction. I picked up CP and we headed to Olga's for dinner than down to St. Andrews in Detroit. Along with "girls night," she also made it my birthday night and treated me with paying with for my dinner, and bought me the cutest sandals from Target, that I have been eyeing and telling her about... plus a gift card to Target. I'm telling you that girl knows the way to my heart. I just have to say in was an amazing concert, again. Well, besides, the chatting during the concert. In my many, many concert, I have never been to a concert where the people were so rude. There she is singing her heart out and their voices were pretty much just as loud as the speakers. Why even come?? After that we headed back to Matt and her's apartment to meet up with the boys and have afew beers! A few turned into many and we ended up sleeping on their blow up mattress... which is actually surprisingly comfy. Thou we couldn't hang out in the morning because I had to work in the am.

After work, a full 9 hour shift on Saturday, which flew by, and I made a ton-o-cash! Plus, I think since it was my last day for my vacation, I didn't seem to mind being there. My best friend, Vickey and her boyfriend, Brayton met me after work, along with Michael to go out to dinner for my birthday!!! We went to J. Alexanders, expensive, but so yummy. It was quite the birthday dinner. They practically had to roll me out of there. Plus, getting the munchies before always helps : ) After a few cocktails, the boys couldn't get Vickey and me from laughing. Vic got me the cutest tank top from Lacoste ( she works there and gets a ridic discount... ) it's coral and white... very summery!

Having a divoriced family is a little tricky when it comes to holidays. It seems you have 2 to 4 christmases, thanksgivings, easters, 4th of july parties... birthdays. You would think you would love it, but ehh, I wish I could spend every holiday just once. Than you add a boyfriends family in there.... tricky tricky tricky. But I don't mind having 4 birthdays... so, after dinner with them, my dad took me bowling and Michael came along. It was actually fun. You never know with my dad, so I was very happy to have a very happy birthday with him. We ended up getting pretty drunk. ha. I have never gotten drunk with my dad before, so it was quite funny. He had my brother pick us up and drive us home, which was really nice of him. Once my dad starts drinking, he doesn't stop. I don't think I had a empty beer all night. Plus, I got some hefty cash!! That always puts a smile on my face.

Sunday during the day was very relaxing, I can't say that about Sunday night... but we'll get there. We headed over to Michael's parents house for my birthday lunch. Chicken noodle soup and sammies. We pretty much were just bums and laid around the entire time. And I cuddle up to their cat, Sassy. I love Sass... and I never loved a cat before. She's just so cute and I just love bring over treats for her, like she was my own freakin cat. Aw well, she deserves cause she's just so cute. Oh, sass... I miss her! Michael's parents got me a pretty sweet picture frame... its hugh and holds about 20 pictures and a mandoline. I've been wanting one to make homemade potatoe chips... so it was pretty exciting to get one. We headed home so we could get aready for dinner with my Mom, Stepdad, brothes... James and Tyler, James's bestfriend Joe ( which is my 3rd brother ), and my Grandma Lea... for Ikes. ( can you tell I love that place ) After quickly getting ready, I headed to Target for a quick run to get last minute things for our trip the next day. Seriously, I have never been so unprepared for a vacation in my life. I don't know why I was this way with this vacation. But seriously... UNPREPARED. I only had like 30minutes, I have never been such a crazy women in Target in my entire life. Along with things like, travelsize everything, from shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, sunscreen... blah blah blah, I found a super cute bathingsuit! And couln't believe my freaking eyes when I had to get a XL top, seriously these bad boys ..uh girls? never stop growing. Plus I BEG! After my freaky fast shopping, I swung by the condo and pick up Michael and off to dinner we went. It was super nice. I love Ikes and I love my family. Seriously, you never leave without 2 to go boxes each. I got alot of beautiful jewelry. When my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday... I told her simply "girlie" things. I'm sick of buying things that I need... and I wanted things I wanted. ( funny short story... I was on the phone with my aunt yesterday she was shopping for her niece's birthday present... who was turning 11 and I asked what she wanted.. and my aunt replied with " girlie" things. I was like WOW! A 22 year old girl and 11 year old girl want the same things. ) Anyways, my mama got me exactly what I wanted beautiful necklaces and a sweet bracelet. And pretty much every color flip flop imaginable. And my grandma lea got a me the cutest most sweets little blue purse and bracelet and some cash! My little brother tyler made me a clay squirrel. We have this on going weird thing we were make noises like squirrels and act like them... I don't know... weird but I mean he's 11 and obiviously I have alot of things in common with 11 years old. Oh dear! Makes me feel young even when I feel so old now! It was a prefect birthday dinner with my most loved ones! The only one missing was my Gege. She was in florida, having a good ole' time with her best friend. But I couldn't help but be super sad that she wasn't there. She's always there on my birthday and ever since I was a little girl, I'd spend them with her and my great grandma. Everytime my birthday rolls aorund, I get super sad that my great grandma, who I called, grandma grandma is not around to celebrat with me. Her birthday is the 26th and mine is the 24th and we always always always celebrated together with gege. I think it gets harder for me every year cause I get further and further from the last time we celebrated together. She died on the 21st of 2001 and her service was the day before my birthday that year... it just always makes me sad. It would have been her 104th birthday. We were a hundred years apart. Isn't that crazy she was born in 1897 and I was born 1987.

I need to stop that before I start crying at work... well after dinner, we came home and was packing like crazy people. We didn't even know when our plane took off... and was shocked to see 5:45 am.... meaning that we would have to leave the house by 3. Let's just say I only got 2 hours of sleep. Michael is the best! He surprised me a month before my birthday with a trip to Puerto Rico... and it was the best birthday gift ever! Just what I love... warm weather and the ocean. Plus alone time with him for 5 days straight! Perfect. Puerto Rico is one the prettiest places I have ever been. It's just so lush, especially with the rainforest. The crystal clear blue water and the 80 degree weather. We flew into San Juan but our hotel was about an hour away. We rented a car and headed west to Rio Grande. We stayed at the Rio Mar Beach Resort, which was way more beautiful than I expected. Well, I really don't know what I expected but... whatever. We had a "mountain view" room which meant our view was the El Yunque (sp?) Rainforest. I don't know why it was cheaper, because I much rather have the rainforest than the ocean ( even thou I love the ocean... c'mon the rainforest? ) To sum up in words our vacation consist of... laying out the beach, drinking tropical drinks, napping, love making, hiking in the rainforest, exploring downtown San Juan, doing the tourist thing by visiting the Bacardi Compound, swimming in the crazy ocean ( my favorite) , and driving like one of the crazy Puerto Ricans... I seriously was on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was a beautiful birthday! Now I'll sum up in pictures of wonderful vacation....

The birthday girl sippin' on a margarita... 

My Michael & I on our way for sushi for my birthday!

My man & me

The next day enjoying the sun & the drink of the day!

Exploring the El Yunque Rainforest.... Bamboo!!!

Self-Time... a stop along the way

The windows of a tower in the rainforest... looking over to the shoreline. ( My Favorite picture )
The view from the top... doesn't do it justice.


And again...

Just something I found along the way....

Along a trail... I look like a shrimp ( he's 6'4 and i'm 5'4 )

Creeks & Waterfalls!

Downtown San Juan... all the roads looks like that, simple beautiful!
The cute little cafe we ate at for lunch... yummy flat bread pizza I must say!

Michael and the shoreline in downtown San Juan

At the largest distillery... Bacardi! With our free mini drinks! So Yummy!

Michael's turn...

Alexandria's turn!
Strollin' the beach!

An old palm treee.

Our last night... gotta love self timers.

And our last night's meal... very classy!

Our view from the balcony... that is the rainforest

Hours before our plane ride to crappy snowy Michigan.

 Our Hotel...
Our Rental..
 Michael driving us back to the airport... 
All in all it was a great time, now i'm suffering from post-vacation depression and it ain't pretty. Seriously, I wish I could just be constantly on vacation. I love traveling and it's what I spend the majority of my money on... well besides my stupid car, which in fact is making me car poor. Argh. Anyway, I don't want to start on that cause than I'm just going to want to punch someone... well, now I do! I've made a list of places I want to go this summer... we'll see if they all come true. Which they better. I know for fact Chicago will come true. I'm planning to take Ge-Ge there for her 70th birthday present. I want to take her some place special, and she is always talking about how we never went back after like 10 years ago. She mentioned it to be a few weeks ago, and i had a AH-HA moment because I've been trying to think of some place but just couldn't. It'll be fun, I'm planning on taking the train. Even thou, it's only a 6 hour car ride, you pretty much have to pay 30 bucks aday to park it at the hotel, when you never even use it while you're there because you're always taking cabs. 

We got back late friday night, and I was back at work Saturday morning. Not fun, and it felt like I never left. But I was much more relaxed and didn't let the stupid rude manner-less people get on my nerves. So, I guess the short vacation did work. Saturday night I was going to meet Cal for some drinks but I was in no mood to shower and get ready, so I was stuck on the couch and feel asleep before 11. Michael, however went out. He told me he be home around 2...and went I woke up at 430am, he was not home. Now, I don't care if he is going to stay out all night, but don't tell me you're going to come home. And, if he would have atleast called, or sent a text... it would have been a different story. Been needless to say, he walked in with his tail between his legs because he knew I was going to be pissed. Which I was. I was so mad. Not fair, because if that would have been me... he would have been so pissed. Whatever, it's over with now but god.  After being bums all day, we did a major over haul on the condo. Seriously, no joke, true story... we haven't clean in like 3 weeks and it was looking like a boys college house. SICK. I'd come home from work and just give up before I began. Beer bottles, food, trash, clothes, wine bottles... pretty much you name it, it was empty, gross and laying around of house. But now it's beautiful! Ahh, a weight has been lifted. 

Last night, I scrapbooked for my friend, Cal's mom. Shaun ( his brother, her son ) has been in the Army for like past 5 or 6 years and is now finally coming home this month and she's been working on this like 200 page scrapbook of all those years for him. And I offered to help her out and do some pages for her. Because if you never scrapbooked... it takes forever. I mean forever and especially doing one that size, it's taken her almost a year. My pages last night turned out sweet. I'm kind of jealous there not for one of my scrapbooks. Plus, Shaun is not ugly! haha. Hopefully, she likes them just as much as I do! 

Well, I should get back to working... Later Dates 
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17 March 2009 @ 02:03 pm
I can not believe I'll be turning 22 in a week. A WEEK! I never imagine myself this old. I always imagine myself 18, not 19 or 20... I could imagine myself, 21... but anything beyond, yeah right. Atleast Michael & I will be in beautiful 80 degree weather, while the dreadful birthday rolls around. Tomorrow, I think I am gonna pack because I'm so just excited. And I love to pack and probably will re-pack about 5 times after. We still have to rent a car, because where are resort is, it's a little further from everything and I hate cabs. I've been tanning just so, I dont fry. Because, last year, Michael and I went to Key West and by the first day, we were both lobster. Even with like 50 spf.... I'm not letting that happen to us this year. So, fake n bake it is. Thou the entire time I'm completely paranoid. My cheeks are lookin a little tomatoe-ish today, but what am I gonna do? Oh, why can't we be leaving for Puerto Rico tomorrow?!?!

Well, last week ended on a better not than it started. So, I can't complain to much... well, besides, the fact that my boss, also raised prices too. So, with lower pay and marking up prices, I hope he's making money. Jerk! Plus, I'm the one who has to hear everyone belly ache over prices. The weekend was pretty low key thou. Friday, humm... I'm drawing a blank. Oh yes, nothing! Just a relaxing night with Michael. We were going to go meet some friends for a drinks. But, decided this was a better route. Saturday, was beautiful but I had to be stuck at work. Surprise. Suprise. I wasn't to upset thou, cause I made mucho tips! Ha YEA!!! Than it was Michael's dad, Ted's birthday. So, we headed over to his parents house... for a actually, pretty fun night! Lots of laughter and tons of wine to pass around. When Michael's family is all together, it's such a fun time. So, relaxed and seriously, so much laughter. Different from my family... and that is what I like about them. Plus, we're always playing games. Our new addiction is Apples To Apples. I suggested this to everyone. My new favorite game. Easy and Hilarious. Go out and buy it... Today!!! Michael and I were a little drunky, so we crashed at his parents house. I have this love/hate thing for his mom. I love her and I enjoy spending time with her. But, sometimes I want to ring her neck. And, thank goodness for Michael's sister-in-law, because for one... she feels the exact same way. And two, because we can talk about her together. She has her good days and she has her bad days... and don't we all.

Sunday, was suppose to be pretty exciting. I bought Michael a 8 week session class to learn how to glassblow at the College for Creative Studies in Downtown Detroit for Christmas. Well, we drove the 45 minutes into the D...and we got there, we were pretty early. So, we walk around the campus which is probably a block big. Very small, but very beautiful. So, 5 of us ( the class is only up for 8 people ) were waiting outside the class room. A man comes unlocks the door and for the next 15 minutes is setting up stuff, after those 15 minutes he look at us and asked us, if we were there a class. We all reply with a yes. The man giggles and tells us that everyone talked on Friday and agreed there was going to be no class on Sunday. You would have thought by all of us standing at the door waiting, he would have said something.... but I guess not. So, as we were driving back, my stepdad, Gary called and invited us to go bowling. We jumped right on that. In my family, bowling is a pretty big deal and we've been goin since my mom met Gary. Sooo for about 9 years. We all love it... and Michael has jumped on the bandwagon too. Along with Gary, my little brother Tyler, my other little brother James and his girlfriend, Erin all went bowling. It was such a good time hanging with all of them. I swear Tyler and Gary are the exact same person. It's freaky! Ever since we were little my brother James has been trying to beat Gary at a game of bowling. And I mean, everytime we go. And he always fails... but not on Sunday! His life long goal was finally achieved! I never seen him smile so big. It was pretty awesome. After our 3 rounds, we went to Vince & Joes Market and picked up two bottles of this awesome wine that his mom bought for Saturday. I just had to have some more. And so we did, as we cleaned every room... we managed to finish off the two bottles. Now, thats the way to clean. : )

Yesterday is nothing to write about... so I think this is coming to end. Oh, and by the way, Happy St. Patty's Day! I'm stuck at work til 7pm... I'm thinking about buggin' my boss to let me go early! Just so I can get a green beer or two! This is my first St. Patty's being legal, so might as well right? Who knows... we'll see. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Later Dates!

Ps- It's suppose to reach a record high of 75 today! Hell yes! Finally!!!
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10 March 2009 @ 03:06 pm
Oh mama... I'm wondering why my great weekend had to end with such a ugly start of the week?

Well, I'll give the "good news" first! Thursday, was a un-excepted night by far. Michael's best bud from El Paso was in town for the week and ended up coming over just lay low with us. Well, it ended up to just be Joe & me starting up til 6am ( I had to work the next morning at 930am) drinking 40's with OJ... classy... calling our best friends leaving the gangsta rap lyrics on their voice mails! Quite funny to hear our raves the next day! I totally enjoyed my night, not so much my morning. But, well worth it! Cause it still cracks me up thinking about it. Michael was in bed 1am because he'd been up north remodeling all week was pooped out! So, I took over the host dutiest! Friday night wasn't as random as the night before but over 20 of us headed over to Rochester Mills Brewing Company to celebrate our friend, Tony's birthday! Couldn't have been better... beer and dancin' to some ridiculous 70's band. Mandy & I were up on stage ( me for like 5 seconds ) shakin our thangs! Ha.... headed to a few other bars downtown and headed back to Kline's house for some drinkin games. Another night ended with some music, not gangsta rap, but with Troy, Crissy and I singing on top of lungs laying on he floor on Kline's kitchen to, Kings Of Leon, til 6am again ... and again, had to get up at 9:30am for work. Work the next wasn't quite as bad as I intended it to be. Saturday, I was out by 9pm! Sunday was a lovely day. Michael's sister-in-law, Katie ( I call her CP ) and I had a girls day. We started the day off with the best chicken tacos on this planet. Literally to die for! Stopped by Target... picked up some random silly things and the cutest pair of sunglasses (on sale)! Went to DSW, got the greatest little black and brown pumps (on sale)!!! And than headed over to the Flower Factory! I picked somethings up to decorate with and so did CP. ( not on sale) All-n-All, a very successful girls day! Lunch, Shopping and Gossip! I could spend all day with CP. CP is one of the greatest things to come from my relationship wih Michael. I couldn't be more thankful! And I remind both of them all the time. Seriously, I wouldn't know what to do without her. She totally gets me! Plus she's dating one of the Auffenorde boys too... That helps when someone can relate.

Monday, it was back to the grind. (Side Note: I absolutely HATE starting my days off bad. I can not handle it... if theres something bad to tell me, some rude customer, something just negative... save it til after 3pm.) Anyways, I'm just starting to set up at work and get settle for more long 9 hours... and my phone rings. It's my boss and he called to let me know, that their lowering my pay as of today. (yesterday) Totally caught me off graud and I had no idea what to say beside, "ok." Now, I'm sorry, if you feel the need to lower someone else's pay that has been working here for a year or two... but I have work her for 6 years. ( Actually, in August it will be 6 years, but who's counting ) I am their most dependable employees, I do what I'm ask and I do what that don't even ask. I go out of my way to make things better for their company. It was a totaly slap in the face. I have never felt more disrespected. In the pass, I have asked for raises and they told me they couldn't afford to give me, and I understood. I should be making way more than I was, as of yesterday. Their setting me back 5 years. Talking about this makes me to my stomach sick. End of Story.

I end my not-so-grand day by making my Grandma dinner. Stuffed shells, to be exact. She's left for Florida this morning for a whole month, so I felt I should treat her with some cooking...and especially, spend some time with her, because I'm gonna miss her more than I think she can imagine. But, I'm happy that she can get away with her best friend for a month and enjoy the 80 degree weather and sunshine! Michael went to the Piston's basketball game with some buddies, so, we had the whole condo to ourselves. It was nice. She noticed a big stack of cards and letters I had sitting on my desk, and we ended up looking through them all. I save every card and every letter that anyone has ever given me... so, it was nice to read some old letters that her and my great grandma use to write me while, I was in Texas for the summer. ( I use to go to Texas every summer, for the entire summer to vist my Aunt & Uncle in Dallas... I went from the time I was in 3rd grade til I was in 10th grade. ) She thought it was so sweet of me <3

Today hasn't been much to rave about either. I woke up late... 1 hour to be exact because, dear ole' sweet Michael, forgot to set the alaram after he used it this morning. I literally flew out of bed this morning... threw whatever I could find on and went out the door. Didn't brush my teeth ( I'm wishing I kept one in my purse ) ... didn't even look in the mirror, so, let me tell you, my hair is looking sexy! Ah ha, thank goodness my boss man is laid back and didn't mind. It as pouring this morning, like it has since Sunday and we didn't get very many customers asking where I was. That's the shitty thing about my job is that their is not another person here when you should be there... just in case something like that happens, but any other time... that's the greatest thing about the job. 

Tonight, I have no big plans... well, brushing my teeth and showering. Everythings clean, surprisingly, and I have no plans. I should start painting and putting pictures in my picture frames... but I'm feeling lazy. Surprisingly! My plan has been to spray paint all my picture frames, which i did, and than print off like 100 pictures in black and white, which i did, and hang them up all on a wall together, which I haven't done. It's just time consuming and I haven't figured out the perfect lay out. It's kind of overwhelming. We'll see if I'm in the mood. Michael has been trying to motivate me. But I always find some lame excuse! Oops. Atleast, he still loves me. And the spare bedroom... oh man, do I even want to begin? It's a little messy. It's kind of become our storage room. Kind of like, the dirt you just sweep under the rug... or the dirty bedroom you clean by shoving it all into the cloest... well that rug and that cloest is our second bedroom. And I hate the fact that, that is what it has become. Because, it could be so cute. I think, it's just the lack of storage... we'll see. I always have the day off tomorrow. So that might be something. I didn't realize, that tomorrow was Wednesday until I wrote that. Humm, what should I do with myself. Who knows, probably be a bum! Man, someone please give me advise on how to get out of this lazy rut! Please, I'm begging... and so is my spare bedroom!

I finally come to realize that I am car poor. In the sence that the only reason for my excessive lack of money is because of my car. I'm seriously paying $640 a month... including my car payment and insurance. I'm paying for two cars. Isn't that obnoxious. I need to look into what it would cost me to break my lease. I heard, you have to pay out your lease, but than why wouldn't you just keep it? There such awesome deals out there to buy your own car...and I just think that would be the best do. So, I'll be looking into that tomorrow.

Well, I'm off to entertain myself in some other way for the last 3 hours of work!

Later Dates
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05 March 2009 @ 02:31 pm
It's actually 53 Degrees today. I honestly don't believe it. Just two days ago it was like 10 Degrees.... well, it's not that shocking, I do live in Michigan. Well, I'm not gonna get that excited cause it only sticks around for a few days and leaves... like it never was here at all. I bet you a million trillion dollars that we'll have another giant snowstorm in a week or two.... I betcha! Well, yesterday, was my day off and it was actually quite nice.. did a little shopping, a little cleanin, a little hangin with my little brother! Nothing planned, just went with the flow... like I like to have things.

I wanted to wake up early and do some stuff on my list of things to do before meeting my mom and brother at Olga's for lunch. But, that didn't happen. Wishful thinking I suppose. I was never much of a morning person... but I sure would love to be. So, finally my lazy bones got up around 11ish, got a pot of coffee started and hopped in the shower. When I lived in Romeo, we had well-water...and now moving 8 Miles closer to the D, we have city water and let me tell you.... it dries my skin out like whoaaaaaaaaa. If I don't put on lotion the moment I get out, it feels like my skin is ripping to shreds. Not a good feeling. I got dressed, put some jams on and danced around and cleaned up a little. I sure hate Michael being gone, cleaning up is hard to do all by yourself. After about 4 cups of joe... I headed out to return somethings at Target and headed towards the Mall. Since my mother was running a little late, I stopped by Old Navy to pass sometime. They had some really cute dresses, so I grabbed a few and tried some on. I looked like a nasty Kindergarden teacher... ew. So, I opted for a really cute yellow and whtie flower summery shirt, a long lounge-y purse and a super cute pink headband with flowers.  I finally got a call that my brother and mother were in the area... I jumped on over to the mall and met them for lunch at Olga's... so yummy. I don't even wanna talk about it cause it's gonna get my mouth watery. Something was wrong with my brother's car so my mom was gonna drop him off at school before she headed to work, but that would have meant that he be sitting around for like 3 hrs before class started, so I told him he could come shopping with me and I'd drop him off. So, that's just what he did. It was nice hanging out with him. It never seems like we get to spend anytime together... he always out and about or going to visit friends and his girlfriend on the other side of the state. I was happy to be with him... even thou I had to drag him into all the girlie shops! Seemed like everywhere we went, he'd run into some girls that he knew... Mr. Popular. I was making fun of him the entire time. Ha : ) By the time we left the mall, it was still to early for class, so we headed over to, Sur La Table, and found some hilarious cookie cutters.... I bought five that we thought were the funniest.... Thinking about it, makes me giggle. People here probably think I'm such a weird-O. Along with my Old Navy goodies and my 5 cookie cutters, I also got a very cute off white dress, a flowery bracelet, another pink headband ( Idk about all this pink ) and Jamo (my brother) actually picked out a really cute pair of sunglasses for me... and he thought they were cute, which they were , so I had to buy those, also. Well, James's ride decided he wasn't gonna come to class, so he wouldn't have a ride home... so I dropped him off at some kids house...and off we went our seperate ways. I just hope he had as much fun with me as I did him... Makes me miss the old days when were forced to hang out with one another, I hated him, obiviously cause he was pesty little brother but I sure did love him, making him dress up like a girl and making up songs together... where have those days gone? Enough of memory lane!

After that my day was nothing to write about! I couldn't fall asleep and was awake until ungodly hours. I don't know why they have to show such scary commerical for scary movies so late at night??

I'm looking forward to tonight because Michael will finally be home! Thank goodness. I can't take much more... I thought with all this time apart I get some stuff on my major to do list done, but I probably only got 3 things done. Oh, man. Oh, well.... things will get done, when they get done. I'm in no rush... obiviously. I can't believe it's Thursday already... and I have nothing plannned.... I can believe that. All this working and no time to play. Katie ( Michael's sister-in-law... My Best Friend) and I have plans for a little lunch date on Sunday. And I've been begging Michael to take me out on a date, hopefully all my silly begging will be paid off. Who knows, I'll be going with the flow. This will be my last Sunday for the next 8 Sundays to just do what I please because, on the 15th, Michael and I start our glassblowing classes! I'm really excited! I bought them for his christmas gift, something different, fun and something we could do together. He mentioned to me before I bought them that he had always been interested. He told and I gave! Their held at I really exceptional art college in Detroit...so that'll be something to look forward, too. I'm always in a search for new creative outlets!

Well, work is calling my name... it actually has been busy today, thank you mother nature for finally giving me some weather I can work with. Tomorrow is actually suppose to be warmer, a shocking 63 degrees. But I'll have to see it for myself.

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03 March 2009 @ 01:05 pm

Once again I'm stuck her freezing at work. Even thou today isn't as blistering as yesterday. We are no longer on winter hours ( 10-6 ) even thou, it's still winter. Now, we're open an hour later... and let me tell you, it seems like 6 hours added on to my uneventful day. But after such a deary day yesterday, I came home to Fish n' Chips. : ) Michael surprised with one of my favorites because he knew I was having such a bummer day! After diggin' into my delicious meal, I jumped in the shower for a eternity to warm up. It was so nice, I could barely get myself to get out. Once, I got out, I sat myself on the couch and didn't get up until I had to go to bed. Nothing great on as usual... I'm so sick of watching tv, but I can't seem to get myself to do anything else. So, I sat their only to drive myself nuts watching the AKC Dog Show. Seriously, I watch every freaking dog show on tv. Just to pout and moan that I want one. My dream dog use to be a St. Bernard until recently, I was watching some dog show and fell in love with a Tibetan Mastiff. Oh myyyyyy goodness... I get all giddy everytime I think of one. I'm gonna hunt a picture down, just so you can gooo and gaaa over it with me...

Well, Michael left for up north again. Ehh, I am so mad. I'm so sick of sleeping with a night light. Ha. I don't mind him being gone during the day but once it's dark out, I'm screaming for him to come home. But, tomorrow I do have the day off. I'm thinking about getting up early since on Sunday we just slept the day away til 2pm. Tisk tisk on us. I have a bunch of misc. shopping I wanna do. The condo still seems a little... I dont know how to say it.... lacking personality? I don't know cause it does humm.... I don't know. I do have a mighty long list thou. I have this notebook, I carry with me at all times full of my lists... day to day, month to month, random & silly... basically anything I can write into list form goes into my notebook. And I have plenty because I'm always buying new ones, because they sure do fill up fast when your making lists for day to day, month to month, and lots and lots of silly random list.

I sure wish it was spring time, so I could start going to the flea markets and garage sales. Oh, my favorite. I love finding goodies and what not. My Auntie Lisa called me the other day ( from Texas) to tell me she was at the flea market alone and needed me. My heart just melted and I was just so angry that I couldn't snap my fingers and be there. Talk about being sad and jealous. I wish Michigan had flea markets all year round. So, yesterday I tortured myself looking up flights to Dallas. Not bad, $160 but Bad $160. I don't know if thats what I want to spend my money on. But it would be a good little weekend get-away to see my best friend in the entire world. But I am planning to go Rothbury Music Festival again this summer... and tickets go on sale the 14th. So thats what I'll be spend my $160 plus more on. Aunt Lisa will just have to wait, or buy it for me. : )  And Michael and me plan on doing the longest yard sale this coming up August. I am more than pumped and I get butterflies in my tummy everytime I think about going. They have some silly 30 minute show on it on HGTV every fall. But I've looked it up and heard about and damnit, I'm going this year. The website is www.127sale.com It runs from West Unity, Ohio ( Unfortunately, cause Ohio is the worse state to drive throu... I cringe just thinking about it ) to Gadsden, Alabama. We plan on taking his truck and bring the trailer. Ah, haha... how cute are we going to look. But as the website says... 155 days to go, so I better start being patient.

Man - O - man... five hours left of this. It slow today.... always slow motion. I'm sick of say that. I can't wait to get outta here. My only friend here is working but her boss is here so she can't chat with the hot dog girl. I swear, it's like high school and I'm the bad one nobody can talk to. But whatever, atleasst I get to sit here on my laptop and do want I want... with no boss around. That's fine, don't allow the Home Depot workers to talk to me... I've got my LJ. After I blow this stand, I think I'm gonna go to my usual... walk-the-complete-store-buy-whatever-i-want-and-spend-over-40-everytime... target stops. Seriously, that store is a black hole...and I think myself alone keeps it up and open for business. Seriously, I can't go there for one thing. I have my route that I take everytime looking at everything...and I mean everything... even stupid clean supplies and toys? that I don't even need. Target is a bad bad bad addiction and one I'll never kick. : ) I went their last night for a pit stop on my way.. heading home to pick up season 2 of How I Met Your Mother... ( I suggest this show to anyone and everyone) and walked out with a dress ( that I need to return cause it doesn't fit in the boobie area), a t-shirt, a Green Remodeling and Building For Dummies book for Michael, and Season 2. Seriously... one things always turnes into 4 or more. But I think I'm gonna go back tonight, and doing the usual route cause I had to get home fast for my "surprise" last night... Oh and how cute is this... He went to chilis and bought a big ole' bowl of their ranch for the fish... my favorite! If only he was home tonight to cook me dinner....

Well, I should attend to my job...   Oh, & Hello to my fellow Michael lover... of course not the same one : )
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02 March 2009 @ 11:34 am
I could not be more sick of this terrible winter weather than I already am! I'm at work freezing my butt off. It's unreal how cold it is. ( FYI - I work at a hot dog stand @ Home Depot and our stand is in between two automatic doors ... so basically it's like a wind tunnel ) It was this brutal on Friday... on Saturday... I had yesterday off.... and Today. This winter seems to be lasting forever. I'm depressed cause I never feel comfortable and the blistering winds make my bones hurt. I never want to go out cause I don't want to go out in this negative degree weather... I'm completely unmotivated because when I get home all I really want to do is pop in my "How I Met Your Mother" dvds and cuddle under the blankets. Ahhhhhhh..... I can not take this anymore.

Twenty one more days.... Twenty one more days!!! I keep telling myself this but than I just think after the 5 days in nice sunny weather I'll have to come back to this. Michigan honestly sucks... Winter last from October-June. Spring time is only the month of June, summer is July & August-ish...by the middle of August it's fall weather and than by the end of Sept it's winter all over again. Four Seasons my booooty. Enough, I'm gonna drive myself mad talking about this, again.

The weeked was uneventful. Friday, I was suppose to go out with some girlfriends but ya know, I just wasn't in the mood ( read above ) and I just down in the dumps cause I was missing Michael. Instead, I took my grandma, Ge-Ge out to dinner at one my favorite places, Ikes. Oh my it's yummy. It's Lebanese food. And their salads and chicken sharwama (sp?)  and garlic spread is seriously to die for! It was so nice to have a long dinner with her and to just chat and hang out. I could spend everyday with her and be one of the happiest people in the world. I don't think I could ever love someone so much as I love her. She' my everything... After that I cuddle up on the couch and watched some random tv. Nothing good is on tv anymore. Sitting home alone on a Friday night sure made me miss good ole' TGIF.

On Saturday I froze at work... Saturday are usually are busiest days but lately with economy and this weather it just doesn't cut it anymore. Pretty depressing but hopefully when this weather lets up this month the busy-ness will be back. I enjoy workin when it's busy but this slowness really is boring. Than I got to come home to Michael. I was so happy he was home. We popped in How I Met Your Mother and just relaxed, it was reaaaaal nice.

I've been on the hunt for some cute summery dresses but just can't seem to find something I want. I might have to bust out the sewing machine and just make what I want. Ah, the work. ( See this winter has me lazy lazy lazy) I found some ok ones, and I sure do have alot but I'm in the mood for something new.

I should be workin.... I'll be back....

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26 February 2009 @ 09:37 pm

Well here I am again... only a few hours later. I am sure bored... so I decided to make pretzels, AGAIN! Once I get doin something, I can't stop doing it until I never ever EVER want to do it again. Same goes for food. Once I get started on one thing... and love it, i crave it, than i eat everyday for weeks, until i never ever EVER want to put that on my plate again.

Here is my recipe to share to the world... than maybe YOU can get hooked on it too...

AO Soft Pretzels

1 package of Active Dry yeast
2 tablespoons of Brown Sugar
1 1/8 of Salt
1 1/2 cups of Warm Water at 110 Degrees
3 cups of All Purpose-Flour
1 cup of Bread Flour
2 cups of Warm Water at 110 Degrees
2 tablespoons of Baking Soda
2 tablespoons of Kosher Salt

#1 : In larger bowl, dissolve the yeast, brown sugar, and salt in 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Stir in flour and knead dough on a floured surface until smooth and elastic. ( About 8 minutes ) Place in greased bowl and turn to coat surface. Cover and let rise for 1 hour
#2 : Combine 2 cups of warm water and baking soda in a 8 inch pan.
#3 : After dough has risen, cut into 12 pieces. Roll each peace into 3 foot pencil thin or tinner. Twist into pretzel shape and dip into baking soda solution. Place onto a parchment covered cookie sheet and let rise for 15 to 20 minutes.
#4 : Bake @ preheated 450 Degrees for 8 to 10 minutes or until golden brown. Brush with melt butter and sprinkle salt!
#5 : FEAST 

Well besides... baking my life. I've been doin nothing but watching tv. I've really come to realize that I need more friends... maybe not more because it's about quality. So just better friends. Their there, but their never really there. There not real girlfriends and thats what I need. I have all this free time but all I'm doing with it is, belly aching that Michael isn't here. I love him and he brings me such happiness but when he's gone what am I left with....
I'm whole without him, I need more of my own life! Ah.... my new goal!
I was gonna go join the gym today -- but I just got home from work and I didn't want to be away from my home any longer. It's so cozy and comfy and it's finally starting to feel like home for me. I feel less and less homesick as I was in January. I think I will always be homesick for my teenage bedroom and my life at my parents but even just after two months, I don't think it could go back to how it was. I'm much more happy and have less nightmares! Ah, just talkin about it got me a little homesick... oh dear ... new ...subject.... now!

I really love our condo... I def. want to put pictures up on here, but it's so messy right now and I am in no way shape or form in the mood to clean.To take pictues. I really need to make more moola for a nice rug and some side tables, coffee tables.... oh man, I don't even like thinking about because I'm so broke... not broke just saving my money for my birthday present...

What a lucky girl I am to have Michael! I keep complaining that I need a vacation and I need to get away from this terrible michigan winter weather that last for 9 months. So, the other day I came home from work and took of my work clothes and hopped into my comfy clothes. And went to my usual spot right after work.... the computer ( don't ask why, because I sit on the comp doing whatever I please for 8 hours everyday but still feel the urge to hop right back on...ADDICTION ) Anyways, knowing this, Michael left me the most sweetest and cute little love letter ever and end it with PS -- Now go hunt for ur bday gift. And there is was layin on our bed...and he even decorated the envlope with my cricut! ( makes my heart melt just thinking about that....and if you don't know what a cricut it is...it is a die-cutting machine mainly used for scrapbooking) and inside was all our itnerary for a vacation to PUERTO RICO! We leave the day before my birthday and stay for 5 days. I was over the moon with happiness and couldn't stop smoochin him until we went to bed.... and I still think I was smoochin him in my sleep! That's how much I love him. I love going on vacation with him and getting away from this not so fun worked filled life with live.

I'm so appericated of the generous gift and know it's alot in times like this, even when we got it for a lovely deal. I just am so overwhelmed that I feel like I can never show him enough or how much I love him and want to thank him. Man... I miss him. I went into his bathroom.... cause it was closest and I HAD TO PEE... ( usually a stay clear ) and it smelt of him. Oh dear lets leave it at there....

I'm a lonely girl who misses her boyfriend that once in awhile that gets homesick and has obsesses with making homemade pretzels. Well, atleast for now cause I'm always changin'


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26 February 2009 @ 06:47 pm

Side Note : I use to keep Journals, but I'm never in the mood to sit there and write, when I can time 83mph ( I tested myself ha ) So, what better what to join... first entry! Soo might as well treat it like you've know me for years...

Well I'm just sitting here, alone... because Michael is Up North remodeling a cabin. I'm grateful for the fact that he has a job, but I sure am quite sick of feeling like I live alone. It's so lonely just sittin around by yourself! Only 3 More days... Just 3 More days...

So, After a long day of nothing-ness at work, I came home to unload the dishwasher and made myself a yummy fruit bowl of raspberries, blackberries, and kiwi! Delic! I want a second helpin' but I might just got the junk food route and eat one of my home made pretzels! Mustards healthy at least! I've been on this kick of making homemade pretzels for anyone who says they want one. I never had a interest in baking or cooking but all of a sudden it's taken over me! Must be the fact that I have my own kitchen now!

Nothing exciting happened today... just awhole lot surfing the net, and looking up fun adventures me and Michael can get ourselves into in Puerto Rico. Only 24 days! I have a thing for countdowns, can you tell? Oh, and serving hot dogs. I don't know how to get myself out of the rut... of working at a job I can not stand. Maybe if the customers had more manners and it wasn't so blah... I'd love it. Or maybe it's just like 5 1/2 years taking it's toll. Well, whatever it maybe... please leave me alone.

Yesterday was much more lovely, than today! It was my day off.... So, I slept in! First time I ever slept on a couch.... mighty might comfy, I must say! Got up, went and dropped some pretzel off at work for some lady friends. ( Example One ) and came back to the casa, made myself a pot of coffee and danced around. Cleaned, watched tv.... lazy! I thought it was just going to be My mom & My grandma Ge-ge going to dinner...but surprise... Michael came home for the night ( so he went ) My two brothers, James & Ty and James's friend (my otha brotha from anotha motha) Komo! It was really fun and lots of laughter! Just what everyone needs. Even if you're havin a good day! Came back... made pretzels, ( example two of my obsessions ) Vickey came over to hang.... after awhile she exited... so finally Michael and I got comfy cozy in  bed! PERFECT!

For tonight....  not so perfect but I'm gonna turn the heat up.... lay some cloth down and get painting. Our landing looks awfully bare so I'm gonna give it some life. I haven't felt very inspired lately, so lets hope it turns out HAPPY!

Well later dates

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